Focus Infocom Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 20th February 2003 and has been providing Internet services since then. Investors of the company includes well known companies and individuals from the local business communities.

At Focus Infocom, we believe in connecting the whole nation and eliminating geographical barriers through our wireless and wired technology. In this regard, we are continuously expanding our network to cover more atolls and islands.

By joint venturing with reputable international ventures we have invested in a company which has purchased submarine cable capacity from Maldives to global locations.

The company’s network development and service provisioning is undertaken by a team of highly skilled and motivated staff. At Focus Infocom, we have 200 staff with over 75 staff at the Line plant which is the main department deploying the FTTH cable rollout in Male.


ROL internet services was initially delivered using fixed and wireless (nomadic/mobile) radio technology. Over the time we have moved from this technology to state of the art and modern technologies when provisioning the service to our customers. Over the last past 15 year our customer base has been increasing rapidly and we are now able to provide multiple services through our network such as Internet, tv, security surveillance and voice.

Principal Shareholders

Our parent company Dhivehi Viuga Pvt Ltd holds 80% of the shares and other shareholders include individuals with less than 10% each. Dhivehi Viuga (DV) being our majority shareholder and a pioneer in the market to deliver high performing, reliable solutions, Dhivehi Viuga teamed up within the industry of network solutions and cabling gives us advantage and competitive edges over some of the best brands in the business.

These include Calix, renowned for their broadband communication systems; at-visions for IPTV; Avaya for voice, Crestron for room controls; Intelity in guest services applications, and SALTO in state of the art access controls. The company undertakes telecommunications infrastructure planning, equipment supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance. Today, the company has abandoned traditional networks in favour of new, future-proof solution. We live in an era where technology evolves so briskly that the term “one giant leap for mankind” is like an everyday term. Consumers need to enjoy these advancements and to get the best of every service.

Therefore at Focus Infocom, we always deliver the best and most innovative communication solutions utilizing up-to-date technologies to ensure that we meet the expectations of our customers.


Be the country’s best and most innovative communications service provider


To provide innovative and personalized Information Communication Services to households, businesses and government institutions that will transform the lives of the people of Maldives with digital connected community.


PASSION A great customer experience is our highest priority TEAMWORK We work together for positive customer Outcomes ACCOUNTABILITY We work to create value and take ownership for the customer experience end-to-end

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