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06 Sep 2021

Massive Upgrades

As of September, all of ROL's GigaFi Home Fiber Plans have had massive upgrades. ROL has introduced new features as well... continue reading

06 Sep 2021

Celebrating 18 Years

ROL celebrated 18 years of success, states that the reason behind the success is the customers... continue reading

31 Mar 2020

Free Internet Allowance to support our community

Due to the various difficulties with Covid-19 pandemic, as a needed relief for our customers ROL will provide our GigaFi Home Fiber Broadband customers with additional free data allowance for the month of April 2020, which is in accordance with the governments wish to provide an ease on all internet facilities.. continue reading

29 Aug 2018

Press Release: Experiencing Significant Degradation On Our International Fibre Links

Currently ROL (Raajje Online) is experiencing internet traffic instability on the company’s international routes due to a technical issue on the submarine cable... continue reading

12 Dec 2017

Launching of PSM CONNECT

Raajje Online (ROL) has partnered with PSM to launch their new service 'PSM CONNECT'... continue reading

22 Nov 2017

Raajje' Online partners with Care Society in annual report giving ceremony

Raaje Online, in partnership with Care Society has festively celebrated the annual report-giving day... continue reading

21 Nov 2017

ROL launches new mobile App 'NetValet'

NetValet is a revolutionary new App designed to help customers manage their own home WiFi networks from anywhere, at any time.. continue reading

18 Jul 2017

Raajje' Online signs Memorandum of Understanding with Care Society

The MOU will ensure that ROL provides free internet services to Care Society for the duration of this agreement. Care Society in return will recognize ROL as an active partner for the duration of the agreement.. continue reading

16 Aug 2017

Raajje' Online partners with Islanders Group to promote online application Schoology

Raajje Online is proud to announce that we have partnered with Islanders Group to launch the online educational application ‘Schoology’.. continue reading

13 Aug 2017

ROL announces the opening of new Customer Front Office

Raajje' Online is excited to announce the opening of our new Customer Front Office located at H.Labulaab Villa, Ameer Ahmed Magu.. continue reading

13 Jun 2017

ROL launches it's new standard-setting GPON fiber network

Prepared for residences & corporate: A step towards the future fiber to the home network.. continue reading

12 Jun 2017

Introducing our new customer hotline

We are pleased to introduced our new 3 digit hotline effective from 1st February 2017.. continue reading

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