Massive Upgrades

As of September, all of ROL's GigaFi Home Fiber Plans have had massive upgrades. ROL has introduced new features as well.

More usage allowance, great value for money!

All of ROL's GigaFi Home Fiber plans have been upgraded, the usage allowance of some packages have increased up to 200%. ROL's current most appealing package is the 5M Unlimited Package, which is the market's first true unlimited plan. This package has no fair usage allowance and when they say it is unlimited, it truly is. Available for just MVR 599 this package has the best value for money and is excellent for heavy data users.

Introducing Night Bandwidth Feature

Along with the upgraded features, ROL also introduced a new feature; night bandwidth. Night bandwidth gives the users speed boosts from 00:00 to 08:00. The speed boost varies from package to package, some packages are eligible for up to 100% more speed boosts.

The new MyROL

ROL's self service menu, MyROL has a brand new look. With the upgraded dashboard, users will be able to see their usage live, purchase top ups for their internet plans, easily pay their bills and much more!

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