ROL launches it's new standard-setting GPON fiber network

Prepared for residences & corporate: A step towards the future fiber to the home network

Raajje Online, one of the leading Internet service providers in the Maldives is conducting door to door survey around Male' in order to understand the customer requirements in terms of Internet connectivity and network upgrading. According to ROL the survey conducting staff will be wearing their uniforms and identification cards. Raajje Online is undertaking this ‘smart project’ to introduce new state-of-the-art fibre network allowing connectivity at Gigabit speed that will enable easy management and Smart Home platform. ROL addresses the implementation of innovative GPON Residential Fibre device - GIGACENTERS- expected to be a revolutionary game changer customer premise device. "We wanted to make our new fibre network future-proof in all the ways we could think of, says Mr Nageeth Abdulla, CEO at ROL. He underlines three key features of the gateway:

  • Easy management and installation
  • Unique Smart Home platform
  • Ready for Gigabit networks

 According to Mr Nageeth, the company’s main objective is to transfer all their existing customers on this cutting edge fibre network. Moreover he also highlighted that this fibre optic network is capable of running multiple services at Gigabit speed. ROL is now on the process of upgrading their distribution network in Male. Thus this is a golden opportunity for both existing and potential customers to experience high speed Internet and a range of multiple services through the advanced Fibre network connectivity. By being the first in the market to introduce such new technology, ROL guarantees that their network will cater for all the customer needs presently and in the long run.

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