GigaFi 200M Unlimited

The total solution for all your home online needs. Our best offer comes with UNLIMITED allowance, ideal for multiple users and multiple purposes. This package is aimed at professionals, online gamers, and other heavy data users. If you want the best value for your money, then this is the package for you.

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Day: 200M / Night: 200M

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MVR 2900

Enjoy consistent, super fast speeds upto Day: 200M / Night: 200M, for your downloads and uploads equally!
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All prices are exclusive with GST 8% tax
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Installation Fee
MVR 1080 inclusive of 8% GST
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Security Deposit
One Month Subscription Fee
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CPE Device
Pay In Full : MVR 1637
Installment Plan (12 months) : MVR 150

Gig-on Bundles

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