1- What is ROL Fibre Broadband?

ROL is rolling out a new fiber-optic cable network to provide Broadband services in the greater-Male’ zone with world’s fastest Internet speed capability.


2- What is the difference between ROL existing Broadband Services and the new Fibre Broadband?

ROL Broadband connections are normally provided using different cable technologies like copper, etc. ROL is introducing a state-of-the-art fibre network with the use of fibre-Optic cables, which allow much higher download / upload speeds with higher reliability.

3- What is a GigaCenter?

GigaCenter is the terminal equipment required at your Office (like modem or the set-top-box), to connect with our fiber broadband. This device comes with 802.11AC Gigabit speed Wi-Fi and Ethernet capabilities. This device will also allow us to remotely maintain your services.

4- Can I use my own Modem / Router to use ROL Fibre Broadband service?

As ROL fibre broadband SMB packages requires fiber terminal equipment (our GigaCenter provided at the time of service installation), your existing modem or router may not work with our new fibre broadband service.

5- What do you mean by Fair Usage Policy Allowance (FUP) ?

Regular Internet use such as Email, Streaming, Browsing, Skype or Face time video / voice calls, chatting and non-heavy downloading can be referred to as “Fair Usage”. The usage (FUP) allowance allocated to each package will be sufficient with the kind of use mentioned above.

6- What if I use-up all my Fair Usage Allowance before the end of the month?

Your package speed will be reduced to 1Mbps after Fair Usage Allowance is exhausted expect GigaFi 6M. You can Gig-On with available bundles (pay and add more allowance) to keep your package speed at maximum.

7- Will I be able to carry-forward if I have unused FUP allowance to the next month?

No. FUP Allowance will reset every month. (Our billing month is 1st to 30/31 respectively).

8- Where Is ROL Fibre Broadband service available?

ROL Fibre Broadband network is currently being deployed in Male’ and the coverage is expanded to new areas constantly. Please call us on 133 for availability to your home area.

9- What if I need a static Public IP for use at my business?

ROL Office Fiber packages are bundled with 1 Public static IP address. (Additional IPs can be added)

10- What is the “Office Connect” Service?

ROL “Office Connect” is available for Fibre SMB packages, as an options to extend office LAN or Internet to a remote office. The service allows you to enjoy both internet and LAN data from remote office by forming a wide area network (WAN).

11- What equipment do I need to purchase to connect my remote office?

Our “Office Connect” is provided through a one-year SLA, through which terminal equipment required to install at your office will be provided without additional charges. The equipment comes with one Gigabit Ethernet port.

12- What speed does the “Office Connect” service provide?

Office Connect bundle service bandwidth is 10Mbps for each remote location.

13- Can I use the “Office Connect” service to link more than one site?

Yes, Office Connect is designed to link multiple sites.

14. Will I be billed for the whole month if I apply for a connection in the middle of the month?

No. Your monthly rental and applicable allowance will be prorated.

15. If I want to change my package in the middle of the month how will I be charged?

Full monthly rental for your existing package will be charged at the beginning of the month. If you change the package during the middle of the month, you will be charged during the next bill run and it will be prorated.