Terms & Conditions


1.1 An Application Form must be filled by the customer requesting for any of our Services.

The Application Form must be completely filled out with all the information requested and supporting documents must be provided where applicable. A bill or receipt of cable service issued by the cable service provider must be attached when a customer with an existing cable is applying for the services along with a copy of the national identity card, passport or driving license and payment for the service. For connections taken by business organisations; a copy of company registration must be attached together with the copy of the national identity card, passport or driving license of the contact person. For government authorities, an official letter from the authority should be attached with the Application Form.

1.2. The words and expressions below shall have the following meanings:

1.2.1. “Account” means a statement or record in which we register the Services, which are to be provided, as well as any charges or credits with records of those Services, and any other information as may be relevant.

1.2.2. “Agreement” means these terms and conditions including any relevant documents referred to or incorporated herein, the terms on the Raajje online’ Application Form, any additional or varied terms and conditions, as we may notify from time to time, which relate to the provision of any Service, equipment and/or Raajje Online’ equipment

1.2.3. “Application Form” means the application form as published by ROL from time to time which must be completed by the Customer to apply for Services

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Terms & Conditions